Our Story

Yvonne Mullen is the founder behind LORE Natural Skincare who handcrafts natural skincare products that promotes overall health and well-being. Yvonne who has a background in holistic therapies blends traditional wisdom with modern expertise using the healing properties of plants to provide skincare that is extremely effective for both mind and body and that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals found in many mass produced products.  Yvonne uses the cold process method in her soap making.  

Yvonne's commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in all her products that she creates. She uses organic botanical oils and extracts, therapeutic-grade essential oils along with other premium ingredients that will maximize your skin's health and your overall well being. She is eco-conscious and uses ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients.  All her packaging can be recycled. 

Yvonne started selling her products since 2021 and you will find her products  stocked  in various shops around the country and online.  

Yvonne is a member of both the Design Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) and Louth Craftmark.